Feb 24, 2017

OneDX Platform Consolidates Diagnostic Test Ordering in the Cloud

Expanded functionality leverages Microsoft cloud to achieve “open table” precision in ordering medical exams

ORLANDO – FEBRUARY 20, 2017 – OneDX®, the software platform that enables physicians to view and exchange patient images securely from any Internet browser or mobile device, introduces cloud-based patient electronic test ordering with results.

The software as a service (SaaS) application connects referring physicians to registered imaging provider order lists, bringing clarity to proper exam selection and reimbursement coding, and eliminating countless errors associated with hand-written scripts. The OneDX platform, upgraded as a Certified Provider Order Entry System (CPOE), will be demonstrated during the HIMSS 2017 Conference, Feb. 19 – 23, Booth #7369.

The same interface that allows physicians to view testing centers, place orders and refer patients can help identify the appropriate test. OneDX integrates with ACR Select™, a licensed product of the American College of Radiology that provides vetted, web-based guidance covering 90 percent of known clinical scenarios.

OneDX’s physician and patient portals integrate with backend electronic health records (EHRs); picture archive and communication systems (PACS); radiology information systems (RIS); and other interfaces to instantly load patient results without the need to install additional client-side hardware. The platform manages viewing, downloading and exchange of large imaging studies, allowing providers to fulfill meaningful use (MU) criteria in a HIPAA-compliant manner

In 2016, Southern Nevada’s Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) selected the OneDX portal to enable referrer online exam ordering with automated insurance pre- authorization requests to providers. Other OneDX clients include Zwanger-Pesiri (ZP) Radiology, in Long Island, New York; Advanced Radiology Consultants (ARC) in Shelton, Conn; and TRA Medical Imaging in Tacoma, Wash.

About OneDX – Westport, Conn.-based OneDX furnishes technology solutions that allow health care information to be accessed and exchanged swiftly and securely. For more information, direct inquiries to info@onedx.com, visit www.onedx.com or call (877) 798-5773.


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