Dec 12, 2021

Clinical Decision Support from OneDX Platform Answers New CMS Mandate

ALPHARETTA, Ga., February 04, 2020 – OneDX, the comprehensive radiology imaging management software platform now offers cloud-based CMS qualified clinical decision support combined with point of care order entry. The system lets healthcare providers  know instantaneously whether advanced imaging tests are acceptable to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The upgrade filters orders against a ranking system based on appropriate use criteria (AUC), establishing OneDX as a conduit to a qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM). 

Clinicians are pressed to install a CDSM to comply with the CMS Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA), which took effect in January as an acclimation period before financial penalties are levied for non-compliance in 2021. The mandate says evidence-backed CDS must occur at the point of order entry for advanced imaging services and correspond to CDSM G-codes and AUC adherence modifiers on submitted claims.

A leader in cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant imaging services, OneDX facilitates physician and patient access to more than 1 million medical images and reports annually. The software platform not only allows physicians to order and view imaging results, but also manages insurance pre-authorizations.

OneDX’s clinical decision support feature is not bound to Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), allowing clinicians to verify an order meets AUC from internet web browsers. Clinicians can access patient histories through the feature’s integration with radiology information systems (RIS), assuring thorough backup to support an advanced order and faster CDSM results 

OneDX’s architecture aims for versatility. It can be quickly installed as a virtual machine for private use or adapted to physician offices, hospital outpatient centers, emergency departments and independent testing facilities. 

The platform’s CDS strengths rely on expertise from Madison, Wisc. -based National Decision Support Co. CareSelect Access Services, which delivers AUC guidelines from three qualified Provider-Led Entities (qPLE), including the American College of Radiology, the American College of Cardiology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. NDSC is a certified qCDSM under PAMA. 

 “As with medicine itself, our technology has come a long way in a short amount of time,” said OneDX founder Kayo Olufowobi. “Our new clinical decision support capabilities empower clinicians by quickly providing accurate responses that impact patient care.” 

About OneDX
Alpharetta, Ga.-based OneDX furnishes technology solutions that allow health care information to be accessed and exchanged swiftly and securely. The OneDX portal annually manages the transmittal of more than 1.5 million images and more than 300,000 pre-authorized patient exams in New York, Nevada and Washington. For more information, direct inquiries to, visit

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