Alpharetta, GA.- based OneDX, established in 2008, furnishes technology solutions that allow health care information to be accessed and exchanged swiftly and securely. Our software solutions allow physicians, specialists and patients to collaborate in making health care decisions without undue delays. Our flexible applications interface with any platform and insure secure data transmission that meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. The OneDX® Physician Patient Portal, a multi-platform medical image management solution, allows physicians and patients to securely access and share medical images and reports quickly and easily from any Web browser or mobile device, from anywhere in the world.  The portal assists in managing more than 1.5 million medical cases annually.

Why Is OneDX Unique?

1. Universal System (Multi-Platform) – OneDX can be instantly deployed across all key mobile platforms and operating systems, using a single codebase. This expedites enterprise wide application deployment, quick cross platforms upgrades, high interoperability and consistent user look and feel.

2. Eliminates Use of CD’S to Distribute Medical Images – OneDX enables EHR and portal access to images from any web browser via a zero footprint viewer

3. Health Information and Communication System – OneDX interfaces, streams and presents medical results from Lab Information Systems (LIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR’S), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), physician and patient portals in a single view. OneDX flags critical findings and sends automated alerts to care providers. E.g. combined radiology and pathology reporting.

4. Zero Footprint – The end client does not have to install any hardware or software. Diagnostic quality images are accessible through any web browser. OneDX Zero Footprint allows a variety of application integrations such as PACS, EMR’s and Patient Portals.

5. Vendor Agnostic (Independent) – OneDX is compatible with any vendor imaging system that complies to the DICOM standard. This allows for information exchange between disparate systems. On the other hand, competitive medical image viewers strictly commit to working with their own subparts.

6. Speed – A key obstacle hindering remote access to medical images is the rate of data transfer to the source device or platform. The rate of transfer can be affected by several factors including Internet bandwidth, device technology (Memory, RAM, generation) and application design – This is where OneDX gains competitive advantage. OneDX uses proprietary methods to transfer large amounts of data in single streams. This has proven faster than any competitive system on the market.

7. Video Conferencing and Collaboration - OneDX is the only healthcare app allowing collaborative multi-group video conferencing.