No one knows the advantage of the OneDX portals better than Zwanger-Pesiri, a New York radiology practice with 20 imaging centers and 55 radiologists on staff. The practice treats more than 10,000 patients a week. The results and images of exams performed at any Zwanger-Pesiri facility are automatically available on the Physician Portal for access within 3 hours. Physicians simply log on with unique usernames and passwords and are able to search for both new and prior patient results on the portal. 

On the backend OneDX is integrated with a RIS, PACS and VNA, instantly fetching results on demand. More than 80,000 patient reports and images are reviewed on a monthly basis through the Zwanger OneDX portal.Zwanger-Pesiri’s use of the OneDX portal has significantly streamlined the administration and delivery of healthcare, helping the practice save more than $500,000 per year eliminating patient CD/film distribution, automating report faxing and abandoning snail mail.