Flexible patient disc uploader allows exam uploads from any web browser. The OneDX uploader is browser plugin independent,totally free from web browser Java security vulnerabilities. 

OneDX Uploader Features

  1. Securely upload patient CD’S from any web browser
  2. Uploader (Customized portal /Domain name of choice)
  3. Drag and drop CD’S and les (Supports multiple simultaneous uploads)
  4. Automatic DICOM le search
  5. Pause/Resume upload even after browser exit
  6. Logs individual user sessions and le uploads
  7. User alerts with incomplete/failed uploads
  8. User specic upload list for upload verication
  9. Map user CD uploads to specic institution accounts
  10. Include special handling requests with uploads (STAT, Radiologist read etc.)
  11. Fully customizable

Upload Management Console

  1. Create and manage an unlimited number of institution accounts
  2. Create and manage unlimited user groups with assigned roles/permissions
  3. Assign users/groups to specic institutions
  4. Create physician groups with RIS ID’s (Dropdown list for push to PACS)
  5. Setup Servers
    1. Setup unlimited DICOM instances
    2. Create and assign unique AE titles to instances
    3. Assign destination push to PACS to each institution
    4. Receive DICOM Push from multiple destinations
    5. Monitor/delete aged uploaded files from server

Push to PACS Console

  1. Admin Console - Manage/process all uploads from one intuitive interface
  2. Edit/correct patient header information
  3. Obtain status update on all pushed studies
  4. Add notes to exams
  5. Search destination PACS for similar patients
  6. Push to PACS - Send or append study

7. Congure DICOM to HL7 Mappings

8. Fully customizable

Date: Nov 20, 2016