OneDX is designed from a single codebase. Unlike the common Apple IOS and Android based applications, our OneDX can be instantly deployed on any platform and operating system from a single codebase. This permits fast updates across all platforms, high interoperability and consistent user look and feel.


Zero Footprint 

OneDX is 100% Zero Footprint and requires no client side installation. View patient images and reports from any web browser.  Image enable patient and physician portals without the need to create duplicate image archives.



EMR Import

OneDX automates patient report import to EHR's. This is the first of its kind report synchronization system. 

One application does it all....

Securely Access and Share Medical Images and Reports
Quickly and Easily on Any Device from Anywhere in the World

OneDX is derived from a single codebase and deploys on any mobile platform as a native application. OneDX has been designed to overcome the most difficult challenges within diagnostic medical imaging and patient health information exchange.